Monday, September 12, 2011

the fuck

School started. At first I was like YAY SEEING PEOPLE but then I was like WAIT I HATE EVERYBODY. Hahaha, I joke; one of the best parts of the school year is discovering people you've never really talked to before and forming cute lil' friendships. /having crushes. Oh, the crushes! But what I don't like is those people who just don't have any substance. You've tried to find their hidden candy core of quirky, funny goodness but you just can't seem to find anything but excessive normality. And it's boring! I'm also a person who absolutely hates little charming small talk which I am required to engage in with these people, because we are apparently "friends" or something.
Junior year is upon me and looming and scary and boy do I wish I was a senior now. (No, I don't want to be ONE TWO I just want it to be 2013 already). Teachers are not playing around this year. Almost every one has been like, "I'm not going to lie to you guys, this year is going to be pretty fucking challenging. Seriously. You might die." The only ones who haven't parroted this mantra are the ones who are like, "THE AENEID IS LITERALLY THE BEST THING YOU WILL EVER READ IN YOUR LIFE! omg i love latin" and we're all like, k.
Happily tomorrow will begin everything I know and love (EXTRACURRICULARS) and maybe we'll get past this tiresome initial phase in which the syllabus is being outlined and nothing is interesting yet. I can't wait to be in Theater and play rehearsal and dance squad and oh, the fun! And maybe I'll work on that Style section I've always wanted to make for the school paper. Just maybe.


Amber said...

That would be cool to have a style section for the paper!

Hope you have a good school year :) (So glad I'm not in highschool anymore, though!)

Tanja-Mia said...

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The PvdH Journal said...

Your blog is so refreshing. Reading this also took me back to exactly how I felt 7 years ago (my junior year)- and damn it seriously feels just like yesterday! (You will know what I mean 7 years from now!).

Ok. i need to stop sounding like a grandparent! Enjoy the crushes though and I look forward to seeing more from you

Laura said...

This post is exactly how I feel, so many people nowadays are all image and it's like they forget to have any personality underneath. It's not that I don't obsess over what I wear, but I always remember who I am and that I am a bit odd, and i'm cool with that. and yean, smalltalk can be sooooo tiring.

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