Friday, September 30, 2011

look at this stuff

Okay originally this post was going to be all about hippie vibes but then the pictures looked very mermaid-esque and Picnik just happened to have an ocean overlay. So... my bad. MERMAID VIBES!


Laura said...

I like it! Very mermaidy! the skirt looks really cool and the wig makes me miss my old pink hair!

Flower said...

Wow, this is beautiful! The floaty skirt and pink wig are really cute <3
I love your blog, want to follow each other?

JuliaJuliaJulia said...

this is so mermaid-esque.
you nailed it.
it's almost overtly mermaid-esque (tehe)
actually, wait, is there such a thing??

I love this picture ( I have 0 picnik skills, most of my attempts make me look like a girl from Compton's first time in an Apple store) but this is GREAT!!!

xxx amazing blawg bb